Friday, September 16, 2005

A Medallion and a Yarmulke

So, looks like Roberts will be the senate's pick, doesn't it? Anyone who finds that scary, raise your hand. Raise your hand again if you are terrified about the possibility of Bush nominating another justice. In my opinion, we are putting our reproductive and civil rights in unreliable hands. Did I tell you that I tried to get into the nomination committee hearings last week? Even with my badge the secret service man wouldn't let me in. He told me to "go stand in line for a pass like everyone else." Sigh....

Today, I was given the job of sorting through all the gifts that people send the senator. We are only allowed to accept gifts that cost less than $50. Everything else gets sent back to the giver. If it is $49.99 or less, it gets logged in, a thank you letter is sent out, and JoAnna gets to sort through the strange assortment of goods that people thought the senator couldn't do without. This included a giant drawing of the senator, several knitted fun-fur scarves, a tapestry, a bracelet from a department store, and a music box. My favorites, however, were a hand painted (with puffy paints)yarmulke and a heavy medallion displaying the ten commandments.

The blankets, t-shirts and other clothing will be donated to some charity group. No idea what will happen to the yarmulke. Local synagogue, maybe?

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