Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Interning Again

I am in the ridiculous position of being back in DC as an intern after several years of full-time employment.  I am also back at the same agency I was at previously being paid a very handsome wage to do much of what I am now doing for an intern's stipend (not that I am complaining THAT loudly....many of my colleagues are not being remunerated for their efforts this summer).

The real problem?  I am 26, which in intern years is like inviting your mother to your kegger.  Generally, I am pleased that I pass as an employee among my former co-workers, but among the interns, I become THAT intern as described by the Washington Post.  I thinking owning a full contingency of suits/work-appropriate clothing really gives me away.

Actually, the post did another article about the phenomenon of older interns.  I think we are getting more respect (pity?) in this iffy economic climate.

In any case, restarting this blog in order to talk about my experiences as the Girl Intern, Part Deux.  Will still continue to blog about knitting over at Ambitious Knits.

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Excited about another blog! -Judy