Sunday, July 08, 2012


One recurrent theme I heard when I was working as a doula was dismay about the changing body during pregnancy.  Pregnant mommas put cocoa butter on their bellies to prevent stretch marks, discussed the breast-augmenting and weight-reducing properties of breast feeding, and lamented the loss of their girlish figures.  The most astounding moment for me was when a woman, between contractions discussed with her mother the merits of plastic surgery to even out the different sized lips of her vagina, "since she would need a touch up after giving birth anyway."

BirthMarkings, a 20 Minute film by Margaret Lazarus, the maker of Killing Us Softly, discusses the issues around body image after birth.

From the International Museum of Women, Motherhood Around the Globe exhibit:
Margaret Lazarus’ film “BirthMarkings” explores our post birth bodies—and how our self-image—change after giving birth. “BirthMarkings” reframes the concept of beauty and motherhood, raises important questions about body image, and reveals the incongruity of western standards of beauty with the natural process of pregnancy and childbirth.
You can see the film HERE.

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