Thursday, July 05, 2012

Things I'm Reading

Do You Job Better: Coming Out in Class: On coming out transgender in an academic community. 
Responses to Slaughter's Article: So much good discussion around workplace issues now.
Lots of reviews of "50 Shades of Grey":  The chapter-by-chapter, tongue-in-cheek synopsis at is by far the most in-depth, and most hilarious discussion.  I am still trying to find someone who is willing to admit they own the trilogy so I can read them without having to support them with my dollars.

Surveillance, privacy and the ethics of vehicle safety communication technologies:   Yea this one seems strange, but I do work for a transportation organization.  I am writing a paper on the ethical issues concerning vehicle-to-vehicle technologies.

The Affordable Care Act Decision: veeeeery interesting stuff.  And why Ginsberg Should be given more credit than she was by Amy Davidson the New Yorker.

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