Friday, July 25, 2008

A Lime Green Suitcase and a Pack of Graham Crackers

So, I am off on my campaign adventure. You will notice that I am writing this at 11:30 at night. That's because we JUST finished our campaign simulation and I am supposed to be sleeping so I can get up tomorrow morning and do some more.

I started the day off with a crazy, bat-out-of-hell bus ride across town, shepherded by a haphazard new WMATA trainee bus driver back to my dorm room after having delivered all the belongings that don't fit into my tiny but deceptively heavy suitcases to a friend's house (these, incidentally, are the things you can win if you enter my contest to plan my life). I sat on and zipped my lime green suitcase, threw the graham crackers that were inexplicably on my bookshelf into my tote, turned in my keys and internet equipment (yes, GW, you live in the stone age, requiring me to have equipment in order to connect to the internet), and taxied it up to AU.

Woah is it weird being back on campus. And woah I cannot believe my parents let me live in a place like this. AU has nicer dorms than, say, William Jewell College, but these are for real smaller than any apartment the DC government would let you house this many people in. If I was sad I was done with college before, this changed my mind.

But yea, back on campus. We did icebreakers, were introduced to the program, and received our four inch (count it, four inch) binder of everything we need to know about campaigns. The schedule is ridiculously jam-packed and I am afraid that any hopes of AWOLing it from boot camp later this week have been dashed (unless anyone wants to meet me in the quad with some Ben and Jerry's Phish Food around midnight).

The main attraction during this week is a campaign simulation. Basically, there are ten teams that are creating campaign plans for a candidate from the good state of Delusion. Tonight my team and I spent an awfully long time reading about the candidate and writing down general ideas about what it will take to win. Tomorrow we learn more about campaign planning.

More later.

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