Thursday, July 10, 2008

Massachusetts State Senator Arrested for Sexually Harassing Four Women

I read the headline for this article and couldn't figure out whether to laugh or to cry. I can only imagine what this state senator had to do in order to get arrested for sexual harassment (something that is usually a civil offense, not a criminal one). It had to be pretty egregious. But what a joke it is that they would arrest some random state senator, but not the even more powerful people that do this kind of thing on a regular basis without the worry that anyone would ever dream of getting them in trouble.

For example, my friend was interning in one of the Senate committees last year, and headed over to get some yummy popcorn from the Senate dining room. One of the committee staffers she worked with asked her to grab a bowl of ice cream, too. My friends was waiting for the elevator with popcorn in one hand and ice cream in the other, when the "Senators Only" elevator door opened, with a Senator standing there. As required by Hill etiquette (and the sign banning her from that elevator), my friend didn't get on the elevator with the Senator. The Senator motioned her into the elevator saying, "Come on in." As the door closed he followed up with, "But you'll owe me."

My friend giggled uncomfortably, holding tighter to her ice cream and popcorn. The doors opened on the next floor and the Senator started to leave the now awkwardly small elevator. As he walked by my friend, he grabbed a handful of popcorn and (and here's the kicker) scooped a finger-full of ice cream out of the bowl she was holding and licked it off seductively. With a rakish grin, he walked off to, idunno, meet with constituents or write a bill or something that maybe creepy people shouldn't be doing.

Where is the press corps for these incidents?

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