Sunday, July 27, 2008

What's $500 Anyway?

So I wrote my first campaign budget today. It is pretty ridiculously bad from a I-know-what-I'm-doing-so-don't-worry-that-you-put-me-in-charge standpoint, but at least I know enough about campaigning after today to be able to know that it is bad. Mostly it is fun to throw around a few hundred/thousand/hundred thousand dollars like nothing. Fake money is fun to spend. Earning it will be the difficult part, I guess.

This morning, a lifetime ago, we started with campaign planning, followed by budgeting. Then we got to meet with our teams to staff our campaign. I have been designated communications director as well as the candidate whenever she is supposed to speak or be on posters. Not sure if voters would elect a girl with slightly pinkish-when-in-the-right-light hair as a state rep, but I guess we will find out. This afternoon we were introduced to fundraising, and then...DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNNN!!!!....

We found out about the campaigns that we could be assigned to. There are only a few congressional races, mostly state legislative races. Some working for state Democratic committees. They are all women candidates. The states range from Iowa to Florida to Washington. I have my work cut out for me ranking them by Wednesday. Do I want to be one of only two staffers on a state legislative race? I would get to do amazingly cool things, but it would be on a small level. Or work on a US House race and have less power over the direction of the campaign, but do equally (and maybe more so) amazingly cool things? Ack!

In the meantime, I am sooooo hungry. TDR food is just not working for me, but I think that's because there is no protein containing foods that look edible. So it is peanut butter and scrambled eggs for breakfast tomorrow. Followed by fundraising. Lots and lots of fundraising.

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Johanna said...

WHOA, so you know where you could potentially be spending the next few months of your liiiiife. How does it feel? Which states are the legislative races in? Any better feeling of the competition/other volunteers attitudes, strengths, etc.? Sorry AU housing and dining sucks. I wish I could meet you on the quad with ice cream and we could do cartwheels through the sprinklers. :) COOL how you're the designated "candidate" - that will help you stand out, right? Washington (state), eh? Is that kinda your ideal? UPDATE UPDATE (both your blog and me, personally, because I'm special you know)! ;)