Monday, July 28, 2008

"You Are NOT Normal"

Sitting in a classroom on a Sunday learning about targeting and media markets, working 18 hour work days and having fun doing it, getting excited about budgeting and fundraising. Not things the average American would get caught doing....the trainers keep trying to remind us this periodically: "You are NOT normal!" The average voter doesn't give a hoot about all this politics crap. And yet, I am immersed in it constantly, obsessively. And I am supposed to be the one able to talk to the voters....

Tomorrow I have to make my decision about my top choices for campaigns. I am still unsure what I am qualified to do, so I am just going to make a few random choices (sorry, mom, except for a race in IA, I think I am going to avoid the Midwest...too much snow) and let fate take its course. We have been way too busy for me to do the level of research that I wanted to do. But I trust that EMILY's List did a great job of choosing these races.

Today we met Ellen Malcolm. She is the founder and current president of EMILY's List. Not sure if you are familiar with the history of EMILY's List, but basically, Ellen and her friends thought that it would be easier to elect women candidates if they could fundraise earlier. Early fundraising makes big money donaters like PACs see that they are viable candidates and makes them want to give more money to help them win. So Ellen and her friends asked their friends to make small donations to pro-choice women candidates. They bundled these checks together, sent them to candidates, and together raised more than $300,000 for two women candidates and electing the first democratic woman to the senate in her own right. Rdiculously cool. This group became EMILY's List.

Today we also went to the EMILY's List headquarters for a reception with the staff. Good food. HUGE beautiful office. They certainly have plenty of money and it was exciting to see so many people dedicated to helping women in politics. It gives me much hope.

I am getting along well with my campaign team. They are fantastic people (although mostly Obama supporters....oh Hillary....) and really fun to work with. We created a fantastic attack direct mail piece calling George Bush a monkey. If I can figure out how to post it to the web, I will show it to you.

This is the first night in what seems like an eternity that I can get to bed before midnight so I should prolly take advantage of that. Write me an email or something. I need to talk about anything other than politics.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE the attack campaign. :) And I can't believe you met Ellen Malcolm, wowee! That is definitely inspiring. Sounds like they're workin' ya hard, but that's good, I guess...a good taste of what the real road life will be like, right? I'm gonna be ticked if Obama picks Kathleen Sebelius over Hills.